About Hamara Foundation

Prof Asha Rane, founder and Managing Trustee

To ensure that no child should live on the street and that every child has an inherent right to dignity and respect. The organization believes in working towards creating the environment in which every child enjoys rights to survival, development, protection, and participation and a happy childhood.


To work towards facilitating all round growth, development and empowerment of the street children and to catalyze an overall improvement in the quality of lives of street children. It also aims at engaging in advocacy and taking up issue of street children and their life situation with a larger purpose of creating public awareness and towards generating sensitivity amongst the masses regarding the growing phenomenon of street children.

Specific Objectives:

  • Reach out to children in selected areas of Mumbai city.
  • Provide need-based services for their growth and development.
  • Create public awareness about the problems and needs of street children.
  • Network with governmental and non-governmental agencies dealing with street children, such as the police, municipal corporations, and Judiciary and welfare agencies working with vulnerable children.

The major thrust of the organization is to provide professional social work interventions to this specific target group in child rights perspective.

Target Group:

Children below the age of 18 years who live/work on the streets, children of pavement dwellers and homeless children.