Ranjit Bipin Shah- Age -19 years.

Settling himself and helping sister.

Ranjit ran away from home because of the severe beating by his father on small mistake from Delhi. He was staying on Delhi station and after few months he came to Mumbai. Ranjit is connected to the organisation from his arrival to Mumbai central from last ten years. He was staying on Mumbai Central station from last ten years and was surviving on loading work. He just continued  living and there was no proper environment for thinking for his own development. The social worker had a constant dialog with him  about his development. Ranjit was under strong influence of his friends because he was a master mind for his group and all the members in his friend circle used to follow him with great respect. He himself was very happy with this kind of status. Ranjit decided to change behavior and agreed to join Kitchen Preparation course. He faced lot of problems after joining the course.   Staying the railway station was not comfortable for him except the support of friends. Ranjit realized that overcoming hardship with a hope of bright future was more  advantageous. He finished his course tenure in December 2012. He was  absorbed in Indigo International Hotel as a Kitchen Assistant with salary of 12,000 per month. In the initial phase he was supported by Divya Metals  for his expenses for training. Ranjit got to know that his younger sister (Beena) was studying in VIIIth class and forced to get married. He went to Delhi, fight with his father and brought his sister here to Mumbai who is kept in Asha Sadan for her further education. Ranjit took a room in Garib Nagar at Sat Rasta. He decided to bring his sister home during summer vacation.

Ranjit is now attending National Open School (NOS) and will give exam for 9th class this year. He expressed his gratitude to Hamara Foundation in  the New Year Celebration Program in 2014 for providing him new opportunity to live a better life.

Ranjit expressing gratitude to Hamara Foundation

Ranjit expressing gratitude to Hamara Foundation.

Harshada Pewekar(Dolly) Dolly is a bright young girl of Elphiston road center. She passed  out 10th exam from Maharashtra Board in flying colors with 77% marks in 2013. Significantly she scored 105 out of 100 in Mathematics. She stays with her mother and two brothers in tarpaulin covered hut near Elphinstone Road Railway station, west side.  Her father was working as a house keeping staff in Dadar Big Bazar who died 4 years back in heart attack. Since then she is supporting her mother to run the household. Her mother runs tiny Pan Bidi shop in the zopadpatti near railway line. She studied in St.Thomas High School Vasai and attended study class at Elphiston road center. She has two brothers. One of the brothers is in 9th class and other one is drop out .