Sajju Yakub

Master Sajju Yakub (15yrs) is studying in Std. 10th in Hindi medium at Gilder Lane Municipal School, Mumbai Central. He lost his parents at a tender age of six. In spite of his nothingness, hardship at the railway station and impoverished living conditions, Sajju maintains a very good school performance. During last annual examination, he obtained 68% marks and secured first rank in the class. Educational materials were provided to him. He also receives sponsorship from National Sponsorship Council.
Sheriful Shaikh

Master Sheriful Shaikh

(18yrs) came from Kolkata in search of work last year. Initially he worked as a coolie and earned Rs40/- per day. After working hours he used to participate actively in NFE classes at Hamara Foundation. While working he decided to join skills-training programme with regular counseling by the Field worker. Efforts were made to give him “House Keeping” training in collaboration with Human Resources Department of Taj Land Ends Hotel. At present he is working at Taj Hotel as a “House Keeper” and earns about 4000/- p.m. with other benefits.